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Friday, August 11, 2017

A Puzzle to Be Named Later

A Puzzle to Be Named Later (#682) is Parnell Hall's latest in his Puzzle Lady mysteries.  It's a fun, easy read, especially if you like to solve crossword puzzles and Sodoku.  In fact, solving the crosswords is actually part of finding the culprit here, as there are clues embedded in the puzzles' solutions.  If you're like me, and borrow any of these books from your local library, your first step will be to photocopy the puzzle grids so you don't spoil the fun for anyone else!

This mystery, set in suburban Connecticut, swirls around a whiz kid pitcher for the Yankees, who just after signing a multimillion dollar contract breaks his arm in car accident.  When he and his attractive young wife move into the local white elephant mansion in Bakerhaven so Matt Greystone can rehab in peace, someone wants to make trouble by leaving scandalous hints via crossword puzzles.  Since Puzzle Lady Cora Felton lives right there in town, she's pulled into the affair for her crosswording skills.  Lucky for her the Sheriff doesn't know she couldn't solve a crossword to save her own life: that's her niece's department!  But once on the trail, Cora is like a dog with a bone - she can't leave it alone.  When first one body shows up, then a second, there are too many people with too many motives to sort out.  It will be up to Cora to make the call on the murderer before the Yankees' season is ruined.

This is perfect fare for a lazy summer afternoon curled up in a hammock with a cold drink by your side.  Cora Felton is quite the character!  I'm going to have to track down more of the Puzzle Lady Mysteries in the future.

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