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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dragon Teeth

Michael Crichton is the author who keeps on giving.  I just finished his posthumously published novel Dragon Teeth (#673) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's a rip-roaring Western adventure based loosely on the exploits of two real nineteenth century paleontologists and bitter rivals, Professor Othniel Marsh of Yale, and Edward Drinker Cope, a wealthy scholar.  Fortunately for the reader, William Johnson, the rich young student who winds up reluctantly accompanying Professor Marsh on a summer dig in the West, is entirely fictional.

Johnson's fear that his trip will be a long, boring, dusty summer penance couldn't be further from the truth!  Professional skullduggery, Indians on the warpath and gunslingers with a grudge all contribute to making Johnson's trip to the West more deadly than he could possibly have imagined.  In fact, his family back home in Philadelphia have been notified that he is dead, which only complicates matters...

I devoured this one.  I'm so glad this novel found its way into print1

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